Day 2

Around 150 participants were welcomed by the MJC Team for the 6th annual Muslim Jewish Conference in Berlin, Germany. After breakfast, the participants partook in a session entitled ‘Plenary on Religion Basics’ facilitated by the religious advisory team that consisted of two MJC staff members, one of whom was Jewish and the other Muslim. The Religious Advisory Team discussed basic religious practices that ranged in the fields of origin, development of law, diversity, historical context and contemporary issues.

After reconvening from lunch, the participants were welcomed into their committee sessions that could be one of: Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and Hate Speech, Gender and Religion, Art and Culture, Living as a Minority: Power, Religion and Human Rights, Conflict Transformation, Project Designing and Implementation (PDI).

After concluding their first committee sessions, the participants and staff made their way to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for the official Opening Ceremony. The MJC had the honour of introducing Stephan Steinlein, the state secretary of Germany, who welcomed the MJC by stating Germany’s strong support of the efforts of the conference. The MJC also had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Michael Jansen from EVZ Foundation.

Following the speeches from our guests, MJC’s Vice Secretary General, Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, spoke about the significance of tolerance within interfaith efforts. The Opening Ceremony was then concluded by MJC Founder and Secretary General, Ilja Sichrovsky, who talked about how compassion and inherent human empathy is the essence of the Muslim Jewish Conference that led to the creation of the foundation in 2010 and what allows it to flourish until today.

Upon completion of the ceremony, the MJC returned to the hotel for dinner and prepared for another intense day ahead.