Day 3

Having attended the committee session on the previous day, the participants were all geared up for an extensive discussion within their respective committees on Tuesday morning. Intense and moving stories based on participants’ experiences were shared during the course of the early session in the respective committees.

After the coffee break, the participants reconvened in their committee rooms where the discussion resumed. Following the afternoon sessions, there was a special sitting of the Intra faith discussion organized under the moderation of the respective chairs. Divided into Muslim and Jewish groups, the attendees talked about their MJC experience so far and figured out about the issues and perspectives within their respective faiths that are prevalent in different cultures and societies. This was an attempt to understand the different levels of dialogue present within the Muslim and the Jewish societies and how it affects the overall environment in promoting tolerance and co-existence. Issues of sects and their role in ensuring a peaceful resolution and existence was the agenda put forward by the chairs and the participants responded to the call with diverse views.
Finally, the dinner was served and that marked the end of another intense day at the 7th Muslim Jewish Conference.