Day 3

The third day of the conference kicked off with the participants gathering in the morning for breakfast. After welcoming the participants and going through the procedure of registration days prior, the participants were able to really sink their teeth into their committee sessions that lasted until the

participants reconvened for lunch. The participants were in their committees until leaving for the second reception to be hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Muslim Jewish Conference.

The MJC had the privilege of welcoming two US Special Representatives to take part in a panel discussion with Founder and Secretary-General of the MJC, Ilja Sichrovsky, and offered a great opportunity for the MJC staff and participants to ask our guests questions. Ira Forman, the US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, commenced the reception with an opening remark about the similarities within combating Anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism and stressed the importance of creating ties with democratic allies across the world in order to continue the fight against discrimination.

Shaarik Zafar, the US department of State’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities, followed Mr. Forman’s speech. He gave full support to MJC’s unique model of bringing Muslims and Jewish youth together from around the world and offered to explore opportunities of entering into a strategic partnership with the MJC.

After dinner, the participants joined the last workshop of the day; the interfaith panel. Sheik Ibrahim Hussein and Jeremy Jones introduced the session with a short introduction before participants were able to present questions to their colleagues and speakers about prominent issues in Islam and Judaism. Additionally, Head of Content and Religious Activities Alexander Warren Marcus, Yunus Hentschel and Shaina Hirsch joined the discussion.