MJC 2018

Muslim Jewish Conference 2018

Connecting Actions

A global hub for interfaith cooperation

The MJC 2018 Connecting Actions will take place in France from December 12 through 16.

This year, the Muslim Jewish Conference will partner with Connecting Actions and community activist Sharon Avraham to create a unique hub for interfaith collaboration. Through an immersive, innovative structure this combined 9th annual Muslim Jewish Conference and 4th Connecting Actions Symposium will provide the unique opportunity for young Muslim and Jewish leaders to co-create initiatives. They will have the chance to interact not only with each other, but also with experts in their field as well as leaders in other industries who are eager to use their skills and resources to support collaborative action.

Taking Interfaith Cooperation to the Next Level

So often, change makers with the potential to reach thousands of activists are trying to make a difference but lack the resources, knowledge, expertise and partners to do so. Utilising our roster of skilled activists and experienced educators, our vision is to take interfaith cooperation to the next level. We will provide the type of guidance and structure to create new possibilities for individuals and organisations and serve as networking platform for existing as well as new coalitions, thereby providing a hub for sustained interfaith collaboration.

The MJC 2018 Connecting Actions will establish a platform of knowledge, ideas, and experiences for communities, institutions, initiatives, and entrepreneurs, and will provide them with access to mutual and professionally guided support. Together we seek to foster collaborative relationships by encouraging dialogue between a new generation of civil society leaders, educators, academics, dialogue facilitators and parents committed to a more solution focused and cooperative world. This unique and highly needed initiative will enable and create impact, local coalition building, sharing of best practices and the safe space needed to create sustainable solutions, exchange and lasting change.

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