Day 1

The participants representing over 30 countries, mainly from Jewish and Muslim communities, as well as Christian, Buddhist & Hindu backgrounds checked into the conference venue throughout the day on Sunday, August 07, marking the beginning of a week long Muslim Jewish Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The team greeted the attendees and the registration process commenced thereafter. This was later followed by dinner and an informal welcome ceremony featuring the introduction of the MJC team and an address by the Secretary General, Ilja Schivorsky.

To get things rolling, the participants were called upon to a group activity breaking down the existing stereotypes prevalent in our societies, mainly but not limited to, between the Jews and Muslim communities. In order to have a substantial understanding of each other’s narratives, the Muslim and Jewish participants were divided into smaller groups based on their faiths and were asked to come up with stereotypes that the “other” might have about their faith.

The participants brainstormed and expressed their experiences on the subject, coming up with perceptive, strong and creative presentations along with an element of humor that lightened up the environment. Towards the end, the participants were retold about the significance of such a dialogue forum as the MJC and how talking to each other can act as the most powerful source of actual change in promoting tolerance and peace in our surroundings.

The seventh edition of the MJC will feature six committees for the participants, namely Conflict Transformation, Power Religion & Human Rights, Us and them – Encountering Marginalization, Arts & Culture, Historical Narratives and Identity, and lastly Projects.