The MJC 2018 Conveners

Muslim Jewish Conference

The Muslim Jewish Conference, an international nonprofit organisation, founded in 2010 and registered in Austria, forms innovative networks of cooperation amongst a new generation of Muslim and Jewish change makers. MJC envisions a world where global communities exhibit mutual understanding and respect and cooperate to enhance peace.

MJC hosts annual, week-long conferences providing a safe and brave space for participants and team members from all around the world to engage in meaningful dialogue on topics including: confronting stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice, religion of “the other”, inter-faith and intra-faith dialogue, gender relations, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, genocide awareness, amongst other themes. The Muslim Jewish Conference has become a pioneer in the field of dialogue with a decade of experience based on a network of deeply committed international volunteers.

Within a few years, MJC has managed to become the main and most efficient convener of Muslim and Jewish grassroots and young leaders as well as experts in this field. Within a few years, we have gathered more than 850 young change makers from more than 50 countries to renew the field of MuslimJewish dialogue and identify a significant and widely overlooked opportunity to enhance mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among Muslims and Jews.

Connecting Actionslogo conn act

Three years ago, Connecting Actions was initiated by the Muslim Jewish Conference with the aim to convene and organise experts and initiatives committed to the field of dialogue. Recently, twelve European Civil Society Organisations were convened by Connecting Actions to launch the European Institute For Dialogue. This ambitious coalition will gather and support local, national and international organisations fighting hate, ignorance, prejudice, racism and discrimination through constructive conversations and interactions between members of various identity groups.


Connecting Actions continues to lead this effort to enhance the field of interfaith and intercultural dialogue and cooperation by sharing best practices and bringing together its main stakeholders.

Community Activist Sharon Avraham

As a native Israeli who spent time as a a young IDF infantry medic serving in the west bank, and as activist for dialogue and peaceful change for the last decade, Sharon’s life, having seen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from both sides, has been dedicated to creating spaces and platforms in which artists, innovators, entrepreneurs and global visionaries can co-create around shared values and ideas.

Sharon Avraham is the Co-founder of Midburn Project – the regional Burning Man event held in Israel, as well as the Co-founder of Fugara Art Collective – an interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, and creators of interactive and immersive experiences through large scale art installations. He is the founder and community leader at David Ranch Community – a collectively developed example for a sustainable and creative community life.

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