Day 6

The 7th edition of the Muslim Jewish Conference entered in its final day of official work as the participants went into their last committee session. The respective committees wrapped up their discussion topics and prepared a presentation that was to be a part of the closing ceremony later during the day. Projects committee in particular, having worked upon refining the ideas that will bring a substantial change in the status quo; geared up towards finalizing the ones that are viable when it comes to the implementation phase.

Right after lunch, Jummah prayer congregation was arranged during which the Jewish participants were welcomed to observe as their Muslim counterparts offered their religious supplication.

This was followed by the closing ceremony that featured a special closing speech from the Vice Secretary General of the MJC, Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed. She explained how the journey to the 7th MJC has been tough yet inspiring. Further on, she emphasized the need for a meaningful interfaith dialogue can only be achieved if we talk to each other about the issues at hand. The General Secretary, Ilja Sichrovsky also extended his gratitude towards the participants of MJC 2016, congratulating them for making this year’s conference a successful and significant gathering.  

Next up were the final presentations from the committees and the work that was conducted during the sessions over the last five days. The participants spoke about their experience being a part of the MJC family and how it managed to change their perspectives during the course of this conference. The arts and culture committee put up a special musically inspired performance that proved to be a captivating momentum at the end. The official team at the MJC was also thanked for their relentless efforts in making this conference a success yet again. Finally, the participants gathered outside the hotel lobby for the official photograph, a tradition of the MJC since it’s inception.

A fascinating Shabbat prayer was held thereafter, followed by the dinner at the end, which marked the official end to the Muslim Jewish Conference 2016.